See bellow our FAQ on our Pearl Dazzle Dance Costumes, we are always here to help so please contact us for any further information or questions!

1. Whats the average wait time for Pearl Dazzle Dance Costumes?

The average wait time for Pearl Dazzle Dance Costumes is typically 6-8 weeks. While some designs may require a bit more time, we take pride in maintaining this delivery window for most of our products. To ensure your costume is ready when you need it, we recommend booking your spot in our schedule at least 8-10 weeks before your due date. This will help us accommodate any unique requirements and avoid any potential disappointment. Feel free to reach out to us for more specific information about your order!

2. How much advance notice do we need to place an order?

Reserve Your Place in Our Schedule: To secure a spot in our schedule, a non-refundable deposit of $100 is required. This deposit will be applied towards the total cost of your costume. As our booking season typically starts in March, we prioritize bookings on a first-come, first-served basis. If our bookings fill up, we won't take on more than we can handle.

Lead Time: We plan to design or start putting the costumes on our plan 2-3 months before the dancer's delivery date. For example, if you need your costume by November, we recommend contacting us and paying the deposit in July-August to secure your spot. However, if you prefer not to reserve the spot, the choice is yours . We strive to ensure that everyone receives their costume on time and of the highest quality.

Booking Link: https://www.thepearldazzle.com/products/booking-deposit-customized-dance-costume

3. Whats the average cost for a custom costume?

The average cost for a custom costume varies based on the design and specifications. We are always happy to provide a quote based on past designs to give our customers an idea of the pricing range. To get an estimated time and price for your custom costume, please fill out this Price Quote Form .Since each piece is custom-made, we do not have set pricing. However, as a starting point, our custom costumes typically begin at $350+ - $600 .If your design requires sketching, we will ask for your budget to ensure our sketches align with your expectations. Please fill out the inquiry form, and we will be more than happy to assist you further.

4. Where are you located?

We are located in Orange County & Los Angeles, CA. At present, we do not offer in-house fittings or meetings. Instead, all discussions are conducted via email with our team. This approach allows us to provide the highest level of personalized service to our customers worldwide!

 To achieve the perfect fit, we take great pride in our fitting process and have confidence in our measuring guide. When you place your order for a costume, you will be required to fill out a detailed measurement form. This form is a crucial part of our process, serving as our window into the dancer's measurements to ensure that we achieve the perfect fit for you.

5. How is your custom order process going?

#1 Secure your spot by putting down a $100 deposit to book us as your costume maker. 

#2 We will reach out to you 3 months before your delivery date (you can choose the date when you place the booking order). 

#3 Pay 50% to start the process. We'll discuss the details, provide a color sketch for you, and adjust the designs as needed to ensure you're 100% happy. The $100 deposit will go towards the total payment. 

#4 After the costume is complete, we'll send you photos and videos. 

#5 Make the remaining 50% payment before we ship the costume.

6. Are your costumes made in the same style, or are they all one-of-a-kind designs?

We can recreate previous The Pearl Dazzle costume designs that you may have seen on Facebook or Instagram. You may submit your inspiration. However, The Pearl Dazzle does not do exact replicas. We strive to provide a uniquely "Dazzling" look with each of our designs. Please be advised that all rhinestone patterns and appliqué placements will vary from the previous design.